3 Key Advantages of Using Brand Name Products for your Swag and Promotions

  • Jan 30, 2018

When you’re creating a new giveaway campaign, a key rule is to ensure that your promotional products are valuable and useful to the recipients. Any time you invest in a product to hand out to customers and clients, you want to make a long-lasting impression (and a good one at that! 😉).

When you have hundreds of products to print your design or logo on sometimes the deciding part is the hardest of all! Which is best for your brand? Will the customers or clients use these? There a lot of questions you need to answer before choosing a product! Plus, then there’s the dirty word: budget. When you have to stick to that, it makes the decision all the harder – what items will bring the highest ROI?

Finding a product your customer with actually use is super important. If you go back to the first sentence it states that your promo items need to be valuable and useful. If the contact is continually using the product you gave them, they’re not only reminded of your company, but they can also spread brand awareness to all their friends and family and even the random guy at the coffee shop! 😊 Every time they use that item in public, it’s like a mini walking billboard for your brand. Pretty cool!

The effectiveness of your giveaway totally depends on the type of item you’re passing out. When you have a budget to stick to it can be a tad challenging to know what your best investment will be. This is where things get tricky; even though it may be slightly more costly, there are quite a few benefits to purchasing high-quality, name brand products for your next giveaway.

Take a quick look at a few benefits!


1. You’ll Impress Your Customers and Clients


Worried about the price of name brand products? You’re right, generally they are a bit pricier but on the flip side, your ROI can be much higher than it would with a cheaper version! Of course, a bigger budget would have to be accounted for to pay for the higher-quality items. However, spending more on your items shows your clients or customers just how much you really mean to them! There’s a good chance their brand loyalty for your business will skyrocket – and at the same time you’re building a stronger relationship with your target audience. 

Branded swag can show your contacts that your business is healthy – creating confidence in your contacts toward your business. This reassures customers and clients that you’re providing that high-quality service that they expect…and it encourages them to want to work with you!


2. Customers Will Be More Likely to Use Them


When your customers continue to frequently use your branded product, it racks up countless impressions for your brand! They might be wearing that T-shirt to the gym that you gave them or bringing that coffee tumbler to work every day. Or maybe they’re even using that unique pen you gave them on their business meetings with new clients. Everywhere you go you see swag…but the only time you see swag actually being used in public is when it’s USEFUL and durable swag.

Convincing your target audience to use the item that you brought them can be a little bit challenging at times. If they don’t like your promo item or don’t have a need for it in their day-to-day lives, then the bin receives it. Your promo item isn’t going to get a lot of impressions in the trash that’s for sure! Giving them a name brand item drastically increases the chances that they’ll use it!

Your customers and clients know the value of your branded products (it’s hard to be tricky in this area!). People loooove free stuff. If you’re handing them a free item and it’s a name brand product, you can almost bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to put it to good use – even if it has your brand name on it too!

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3. You Can Create a Buzz About Your Business


Picture your traditional trade show…you’re lined up alongside all your competitors and everyone’s handing out some snazzy new pens and notebooks…of course the typical low-quality ones that generally get handed out! Then a potential customer walks up to YOUR stand and you hand him/her a brand name product. Their eyes are sure to glisten as they walk away, clearly impressed! Your swag will the talk of the trade show!

Giving out a brand name item can generate a buzz around our business. When your contacts being to chat about the items they’ve received from your business, others will be excited to get their very own name brand product. You can use this excitement to generate a conversation around your brand.

It’s also crucial to have a solid pitch if you’re giving away a name brand product – some of the people that love those freebies are solely there for the freebies! So you need to be ready to sell your company to avoid connecting with the people that are just there for the free stuff.  


Using Brand Name Products for Your Next Promotion


There are a number of brand name products you can use for your next promotion or giveaway. When working with Cubik Promotions, we can help you print your logo or design on a name brand product of your choosing.

At Cubik, we work with a variety of large companies to bring you high-quality products for your next giveaway. With major brand names like S'wellPatagonia, Under Armour, Adidas, and Nike, you can create a high-quality item that your target audience is sure to love.

If you’re ready to begin production for your next promo giveaway, contact Cubik Promotions today to get started.


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