5 Benefits of Planning Ahead for Your Branded Swag

  • Mar 2, 2018

It’s no secret that branded swag gets people excited about your business!

Whether you’re handing out items at a trade show or you’re hoping to give gift bags to a new hire, having the right branded swag can generate a buzz about your company.

However, proper planning for those promotional items can make all the difference.

When handing out items at a trade show, job fair, or even just internally to your team, you want to create something that will stand out. If you put little thought into what you’re giving away, your target audience will take notice!

But when you properly plan for an event, you can be the star of the show!

While rush orders are always available, planning ahead can help make purchasing your next promotion items even easier. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages.

1. Avoid Additional Fees

When you submit an order late, everyone needs to rush to ensure it gets done. This means speeding up the design process, the manufacturing process, and the shipping process. While it can be done, it’s usually done at a bit of a cost.

If you’re able to submit an order early, you can avoid these rush fees and save a bit of change. When you don’t need to worry about paying high shipping or manufacturing fees, you can use that extra cash to purchase better quality products – helping you get noticed.

2. Have Your Pick of Products

At Cubik, we offer a number of 24-48 hour items. Unfortunately, you can’t get just any item turned around this quickly. If you’re looking for a larger product or you’re hoping to order swag that isn’t featured on our 24-48 hour turnaround list, you’ll need to submit your order a bit earlier.

When you plan ahead, you can have your pick of promotional products. Talking with a representative early in the planning process can allow you to evaluate all your options and find the most useful promo items for your target audience, customers, or clients.

3. Create a Perfectly Customized Product

Whether you’re placing a company logo on a product or you’re hoping to create a design that is entirely unique, you’ll want to work with a professional designer. A designer can help you create a product that you’ll be excited to show off and hand out to your customers and clients!

However, if you’re in a rush to get an item made, you may not be able to go through as many design edits as you would have liked. When you don’t give enough time to properly plan, everyone is working on tight deadlines. By beginning the planning process early, you’ll have more than enough time to work with your designers until you’re able to create the promotional product you’ve been dreaming about.

4. Get Updates on Popular Items

Choosing the right products for a trade show or event can be a bit stressful! With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which will bring the most attention from your target audience. However, when you let Cubik Promotions know that you’re going to need items sometime soon, they can help you through the decision-making process.

Planning early for an event allows you to get feedback from a professional team. With their insight, you’re able to weigh the pros and cons of each item and make a strategic decision about what will work into your budget. Proper planning can help you have the most popular item at the trade show – and ensure you’re getting the most attention.

5. Have Priority with Manufacturers

Manufacturers are constantly producing products. While they can almost always fit an additional product into their schedule, waiting too long means you need to fit around other projects and work. Although you will still get your products on time, you won’t be the manufacturer’s main priority.

Planning for promo items early can allow you to receive a prime slot on the manufacturer’s schedule. When you’re the first to reach out, you can ensure you’re getting the team’s full attention.

Add to the Cubik Creative Calendar

Projects, plans, and events can popup last minute. While there may not be much you can do to plan ahead for events like these, working with the Cubik team to prepare for other events can eliminate stress and allow you to focus on other tasks.

At Cubik Promotions, you can easily add an upcoming event to our Cubik Creative Calendar. By letting us know in advance when you have an event coming up, we can reach out when the planning process should begin to collect ideas, brainstorm items, or even begin the production process.

Cubik can help you through all your promotional item needs. If you’re ready to begin talking about your next swag purchase or you have an upcoming event you’d like assistance with, contact us now to get your name added to our Cubik Creative Calendar!



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