Boost Engagement At Your Virtual Party

  • Nov 20, 2020

This year, everyone is being forced to get creative for the holidays. Holiday gatherings may be going virtual, but you can still throw a party for the ages. In fact, getting everyone together (figuratively speaking) to celebrate is a great way to show appreciation for all their hard work and support this year. Sending out some company swag ahead of time will get everyone in the mood to celebrate, and we've got some ideas that'll make the party a hit.


1. Give It A Theme

A party's a party but if you're wanting to kick it up a notch - throw in a theme! Ugly Sweater, Murder mystery, 90's vibes, you get the idea. Everyone should be encouraged to dress the part (even if it is just the top half we see!). Make sure you incorporate the theme into your games, swag, and branding for the event!


2. Create Some Social #Buzz

People love posting photos of their awesome new swag, so why not capitalize on this? Send them a swag box and take your brand loyalty to a whole new level! We'll deliver it straight to their doorsteps for you. Include a party hat or prop to make the zoom party more interactive and fun!

You take care of the event #hashtag, we'll take care of the swag. Deal? 


3. Cheers to Teamwork

Tis the season for a little something extra special! How does wine tasting sound? Or a mocktail party? We're down for either! Insulated Drinkware is a must if you're throwing a party that involves any kind of beverage. It's something that they can use daily so it won't be just one and done. Give them something fun to toast with the team (don't forget to do some fun holiday branding!). Here's a few of our fav drinkware pieces.


4. All Fun & Games

It's a good idea to have everything planned in advance instead of counting on the guests to carry out a conversation! The key to hosting an exciting party is communicating with the attendees before hand so you can plan games and events around their interests or the theme you created. Start off the night with some icebreaker questions to set the atmosphere with laughter and fun. Depending on your group size, breakout rooms can be helpful for your game choice. If you have a holiday theme, get a little competition going with a gingerbread house war! Trivia, raffles, etc - all great ways to get the whole team involved. 


Have fun! We can't wait to see how holly jolly you make this year's holiday party. Cheers! 


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