The Best Wellness Promotional Products for 2019

  • Jan 16, 2019

"Finish your veggies, take the stairs, drink water, exercise daily...", we've all heard these golden nuggets to leading a healthy life.  Just as the doctor ordered, these healthy habits really do go a long way in keeping us feeling (and performing) our best! These days there's no shortage of information out there on ways to self improve to be living your best life.  These "habits" become more than just habits, it becomes a way of life - a lifestyle choice, if you will - one that's growing in popularity!  

Incorporating health and wellness promotional items into your marketing strategy is a genius way to gain brand recognition.  Wellness is a topic that applies to everyone in your target audience - regardless of gender or age.  These items are useful all year long and this is a lifestyle, not just a trend or a passing fad!  Your personalized item will serve as a continual reminder of your company and its support on their wellness journey.  Encouraging this lifestyle in the workplace can have major benefits!  May result in positive side effects such as reduced absenteeism, greater employee retention, increased productivity and lower overall health care costs!   

Featured below are a few of our favorite wellness swag items.  View our full Wellness Favorites collection here!  Shop now to support your clients and staff in living their best lives!  




An item popular all year around, our Metallic Lip Moisturizers help protect lips from the elements in summer's heat and winter's frigid temperatures!  Beautiful metallic packaging with an imprint area up on top to keep your logo in the spotlight.  Your choice of gold, copper or silver.  All colors are vanilla flavored.     



An item to help keep your clients safe while they pursue their fitness endeavors!  Our Safety Light Shoe Clip will keep them in sight while they jog, bike or hike!  Three different light settings to keep them highly visible.  Choose from red, green or yellow.




Hand Sanitizer is a convenient way to keep sickness at bay.  Successful in eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria, this handy item comes in a silicone holder with an adjustable loop attachment.  It's small 1oz size makes it perfect for attaching to backpacks, lunch boxes, purses and more!  Sounds like potential for some pretty good brand exposure :)    



Encourage your clients to keep hydrated with our 24oz Tritan Fruit Fusion Breeze Bottle.  We all know that water is good for us and we need it to feel our best but sometimes it can get a little.....well, boring!  This bottle lets you add a fun twist to keep plain old water interesting!  Simply add your choice of fruit or herbs to the inner cylinder, fill the bottle with water and let the fun begin!  



There's nothing quite as motivating as positive results!  Help your clients fuel their own fitness inspiration with our Body Tape Measure with BMI Scale!  This small but useful tool can help keep them on track and reach their goals!    


For more wellness promotional items, shop our full Wellness Favorites collection!  Help your clients and staff make healthy living and habits fun with these inspiring and useful items!



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