The Perfect Employee Onboarding Process

  • May 2, 2019

The process of onboarding a new hire is not just a simple snap of a finger, but unfortunately, a lot of employers don’t put much into this stage of the hiring procedure at all! According to Urban Bound, 35% of companies spend $0 on onboarding. ZERO! With that kind of investment, or rather, lack of investment, you can’t expect your new hire to feel super welcomed or confident in starting their role with your company. At Cubik, we believe that providing exceptional experience shouldn’t stop with our customers. Employee engagement starts the second a new employee walks in the door and it can go either way; they can walk in aimlessly looking for the right spot to go or they can be greeted with a smile, an onboarding kit, and a guide to their new desk! First impressions are priceless and new employees will take note of every detail on their first day.

Whew! With that said, let’s move on to a couple ways to conquer employee onboarding efficiently!

#1 – A Proper Introduction to Their New Environment

Close your eyes and picture yourself as a new employee. You take a deep breath and step inside the doors of your new work building. There’s a nervous smile on your face and an excited bounce in your step as you anxiously greet your new manager. You’re then quickly introduced to the team, handed a key, and shown to your desk. The excitement you had an hour ago has long since faded into confusion and boredom. When will you be getting training? Was there a kit that they forgot to show you? Drinking three cups of coffee before you arrived was definitely a bad decision considering you have no idea where the closest bathroom is located.

This lack of guidance is a sure way to create a frustrated and unproductive employee. As much as 20% of staff turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment. That’s a pretty sizable number! Keep this in mind next time you have a newbie joining the team – showing them around the place a couple times and a proper introduction to each employee is not a waste of your time!


#2 – Give Them More Than Just Paperwork to Sign!

Giving someone a gift – especially an unexpected one – is undeniably a great way to make someone feel appreciated and valued. Onboarding kits are more than just a marketing tool, they serve as a way to boost employee loyalty and engagement. It’s not a replacement for your company culture or benefits but it certainly does play its part in the sweet combination of employee engagement tactics.

image (9)



Nothing says 'welcome' like a coffee mug and a guide to the coffee maker! :) Check out our page full of ceramic mugs! Get busy designing! 





A piece of quality apparel is a great way to say thank you for joining our company! We like polo shirts for their comfort and durability! Explore our favorite polos here.


stationary set


Give them something to jot down a few notes on! This Siena JotPad set is a stunner...a custom notepad, custom pen, and custom box/wrap - what better way to get a little brand loyalty?

image (12)



Click and go! Your URL is just a click away with the Webkey Button. Make it easy for employees to hop on your site! This saves more time than you might think. :)



#3 – Company Culture Essentials

It’s important to paint a pretty picture of your company’s culture from day one. You can do that simply by making sure to provide them with a copy of your company’s mission statement, vision, and goals for their department! Make sure they have access to any behavioral guidelines or company policies. Do you have Free Lunch Fridays when you meet your goal for the week? (We do!) Keep them in the loop and prepare them to help smash the goal!

That completes Cubik’s onboarding tips and tricks! The best kit for your new employees varies for each business type, but with this guide you should be well on your way to creating a successful journey for your new hires! Experiment with different ideas and introduce your company in your own unique way. Still struggling to come up with something creative? It’s what we do here at Cubik so let us help you out! 😉



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