The Top Home & Kitchen Promotional Products to Boost your Brand

  • Nov 27, 2018

Often overlooked in the business world, home and kitchen items make exceptional promotional products!  What better way to stay top of mind for your clients than to become a part of their everyday lives?  It's a proven fact that people easily remember brands that are promoted on items they use on a regular basis - a PPAI study conducted in 2009 shows that 91% of the population have at least one promo product in their kitchen and 50% are able to name the advertiser!  Truly amazing statistics showing they really do work!

There are endless ways to incorporate these items into your marketing campaigns - a dusting wand for spring cleaning, a BBQ set for summer gatherings, or measuring cups for holiday baking, to name a few.  These useful household items are the perfect vehicle to get your brand into the homes of your target audience.  Although we hate to admit it, humans are selfish creatures by nature, so an item valuable to the individual themselves, rather than their company as a whole, will mean more!  

We've found our favorite home and kitchen items and compiled them all into our Home & Kitchen Collection (how appropriate)!  See below a few from this collection.  Practical yet fun, these quality items are sure to become family favorites!



Our Bamboo Cutting Board & Knife Set are relevant for any time of year really, but we think they make a perfect holiday gift!  Whether carving their Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, your brand will be at the forefront, gathering impressions all the while.  Natural bamboo board with silicone corners to keep it in place, carving knife has a soft touch handle and stainless steel blade.  


Bound to be a keeper, our SmartThermo Digital Bluetooth Thermometer ensures your meals are cooked to perfection!  Features include: capable of measuring a wide range of temperatures (-13 to 572 F), bluetooth allowing you to monitor your cooking from up to 100 feet away via your mobile device and free app, magnetic backing and onboard probe clip for tidy storage, and more!



Add our Duo Easy Window Cleaner to your line of swag and become an essential part of your client's cleaning routines!  Shines mirrors, windows and glass spotlessly!  Well-designed features make this basic cleaning essential a go-to: includes a built-in removable bottle for holding water or window cleaner, squeegee is also removable for use without handle, hold at end of handle makes for easy storage. 




Giving you the best of both worlds, our Two Tier Insulated Oval Lunch Box Food Container aims to keep both you and your wallet healthy!  Two tiers allows you to keep food separated and it has folding handles so you can carry it like a classic lunch box.  Plastic exterior and a stainless steel interior that keeps your food hot or cold.




Whether professional chef or homestyle baker, every cook knows that the rubber spatula is a kitchen necessity and there's no such thing as too many!  A set of four, our Quick Cook Spatulas are silicone with an acrylic handle.  Choose from blue, lime green, red or white.  Each set contains four of the same color.  Dishwasher safe.      



Shop our full Home & Kitchen Collection for all our favorites to make your marketing initiatives more memorable! 

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