Truths Told on the Three Biggest Promo Product Myths

  • Mar 4, 2019

Well, this can actually be true….BUT only when you’re passing out things that aren’t impressive, useful or memorable to the recipient. Decluttering has been on an upward trend in recent years so it’s a safe bet that purchasing say….ordinary old chip clips probably isn’t going to have much impact on your brand. Bluetooth earbuds? Now we’re talking! You don’t have to buy premium products, buy valuable products.  Handing out something that your recipient finds of value means they’re likely to keep it for years so they’re continually exposed to it and can expose it to hundreds or thousands more people. It takes some deep thinking to find the products that are best for your brand.

So, how DO you choose an item that your recipients will actually want to keep?  Check out this article for tips on how to create something they will LOVE!

Myth #2 – Promo Items Are Boring And Overused

We agree there are some pretty common promo items that might seem boring….your typical calendars or pens for instance. However, if you’ve been sending these out year after year and your customers are loving them, they’ve probably grown to expect a brand new one every year. That’s a good thing! When customers are expecting a promo item from you, you can be assured they’re putting it to good use. 

Is it seeing your competitors handing out that “standard swag” that’s given you the impression that it’s boring? Solution! Try something unique….escape the ordinary! Maybe something to appeal to your eco-friendly customers?  Your blingy customers would love a pair of custom socks! Or how about a wireless charging / mouse pad? This specific one has made it onto our Top 10 Products several times over the past month… believe us when we say the recipients of these were pretty pleased!

Here’s a statistic to chew on if you’re ready to try something new: Drinkware and totes generally have the highest ROI!

Myth #3 – I’ll order 10,000 of these notepads instead of 500 polo shirts because it’s way cheaper.

You sure can!  The choice is yours, but is that really what you want to do?  To keep your costs down you might decide to order a large quantity of an item and continue to hand out only that until it runs out. That’s a great idea until you’re still trying to get rid of them 5 years later! Sacrificing quality for quantity is rarely a good thing (unless we’re talking fries! :).  If 9,000 of those notebooks get thrown away, was it honestly worth it? On the other hand, the majority of those shirts would most likely get saved and worn – exposing even more people to your brand.

Another drawback to ordering a huge quantity to make your product cheaper; if the quality is low, it could stop working over time meaning that your product would be useless.  So just remember, when dealing with promo items it’s safe to assume that quality over quantity is the way to go!  



There are a lot of misconceptions about promotional items, but don’t believe everything you hear. According to ASI, promo products are more effective than print, radio, and TV ads! With that food for thought, check out our impressive product selection at!

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