Umbrellas : Top Promo Item for Spring

  • Mar 18, 2019

With warmer weather approaching, don't miss out on this prime real estate for your marketing campaign!  An umbrella can seem like such a...well, average item....but with a little decoration from your brand, you can turn it into so much more!  Umbrellas are one of the top promo items with the largest printable surface area, meaning your logo gets massive exposure on an item this size!  Not only that, as a travel item they are constantly making brand impressions everywhere they go!  Saved for use not only in April showers and stormy seasons, umbrellas are also used throughout the summer as sun shade from the grandstands, to the beach, and on the golf course!  There is a valid argument that an umbrella is not an item that will get used every day.  While this is true, it also means with less consistent use, your umbrella will stick with your client for years to come!  

A useful item for everyone from the avid camper to the on-the-go businessman, your branded umbrella is sure to be valued by all!  Check out our Umbrella Favorites collection for all of our top picks, see a few featured below!  Adding one of these to your line of swag is a surefire way to gain brand exposure rain or shine! :)




Our innovative Two-Tone Inversion Umbrella features an inverted folding design, it opens and closes "inside-out" making it easier to use when entering and exiting a vehicle, keeping the water contained and outer surfaces dry!  Contrasting underside with laser cut design detail and a location for a second imprint option!  Seven colors to choose from.



Our Windproof Vented Umbrella is just what you need to weather the storms - both figuratively and literally!  It opens to an impressive 68" diameter, creating quite a stage for your brand to shine!  Features vented windproof construction withstanding gusts up to 55 mph, metal shaft and fiberglass frame so it's lightweight and less conducive to lightening, and a blonde wood grip handle.  Eight colors to choose from! 



Our Chair Clip Shade Umbrella is a game changer for those on the sidelines!  It features an adjustable rotating clip that secures it to any folding chair, stroller, or round frame of any kind up to 1" diameter. Canopy is UV lined to keep you cool and protected from the sun's UV rays!  Choose from Black, Red or Blue.



Add your branding in a splash of color to this Two-Tone Umbrella!  It's sleek design and solid black canopy will make your logo pop!  Features an arc edge, comfort grip handle and opens to a 46" diameter.  Available in six beautiful hues: Fuchsia, Gray, Lime, Orange, Red and Royal Blue.  With this brilliant addition to your line of swag, nothing will be able to rain on your parade :)



A stroll in the rain after dark just got safer with this LED Light Handle Umbrella!  Features reflective piping on all edges and a swiveling LED light on the handle to keep you highly visible.  The lighted handle has settings for solid white or flashing color lights, making this a fun giveaway for nighttime events! This umbrella is a great fit for an auto safety kit, a fitness campaign or your next evening event outdoors!


You'll see 100% chance of marketing success on the forecast with these great umbrellas!  Shop our full collection of Umbrella Favorites for more of our top picks!



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