The Simple Shop


Single Page Online Ordering

In the spirit of simplicity, the Simple Shop is the perfect fit for a lightweight and efficient online
ordering solution with no inventory commitment or costly set-up fees.



 Uses for the Simple Shop


Seamlessly Collect Sizes On Clothing Orders

Redemption Stores

Seasonal Pop-Up Stores

Online Portal For Reordering Swag






Single Page Format

All items are listed on a single page. There’s no homepage or product categories which makes it easy for the shopper to navigate. Perfect for stores with less than 10 items.


Countdown Clock & Order Goal

Motivate shoppers by displaying how many days they have to shop before the store closes or how close they are to meeting the organization's sales goal.


Shipping, Taxes, & Checkout Options

Streamline shipping and taxes with one flat shipping rate per store and a single organization tax rate to each order. Make any field on the checkout page required, hidden, or add in default text.


Redemption Stores

Create a store where shoppers enter a code to redeem their products rather than using a traditional payment method. View more details on Redemption Stores.


Personalization Field

Collect personalization information that needs to be included on a product. Perfect for uniforms or sport stores which may require a name and number




Payment Methods

Utilize either a single customized payment method or accept credit card payments.







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Our simple stores are free to set-up and maintain.
Some services such as kitting and fulfillment will incur charges. 
Contact our Shops Team for more information to get started!   


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